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Japanese Trick Chests

Our family at www.PuzzleBoxWorld.Com have been intrigued by the ingenious opening mechanisms of the Japanese Trick Chest.

Beside their obvious beauty, these artistic pieces have an important functionality of keeping your valuables safe. Various Secret Trick chests may have secret drawers, false bottoms or facings and drawers that must be opened in sequence to find hidden spaces.

The availability of these pieces are very limited in number but our family at www.PuzzleBoxWorld.Com will do our best to bring this unbelievably unique craft to you. We find these items are a wonderful addition to our Puzzle Box Collection.

Japanese Trick Chest

This Koyosegi Japanese Trick Chest measures and impressive 15.94 x 11.81 x 11.42 inches. We will have a select few available for sale in the future. Shop and Enjoy!


To Open:

1)  Insert the wooden card provided between the right side vertical pane and the bottom drawer.  Maintaining the card in position,

      open the bottom drawer.  (The two upper drawers will not open unless the bottom drawer has been opened.             


2)  Remove the top drawer completely.  Locate the stopper on the vertical partition of the top drawer and remove it

      by pulling it outward as shown.

      trick chest dowel

3)  The left cover of the Japanese Trick Chest has now been disengaged.  Lift the cover slightly and the tip the cover

      outward and remove it.  This will reveal a very nice size cabinet space and a decorative lower drawer.

      (*Please note that the lower drawer will also be locked in place.  Use the wooden card again provided again , and insert it

      between the right side of the lower decorative drawer and vertical pane to allow the large drawer to slide out).

     japanese trick chest

4)  After removing the left bottom drawer, a secret hidden drawer can be found deep in the chest and may be removed as shown.


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  1. Koyosegi Secret Trick Chest

    Koyosegi Secret Trick Chest
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  2. Yaeasa Secret Trick Chest

    Yaeasa Secret Trick Chest
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  3. Koyosegi Secret Trick Chest of Drawers

    Koyosegi Secret Trick Chest of Drawers
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  1. Kuroasa Secret Trick Chest of Drawers

    Kuroasa Secret Trick Chest of Drawers
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Posted: 2019-01-13 11:39:47
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