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"Watch Joel Bauer open a 5 Sun 10 Step Japanese Puzzle Box" "Joel has appeared on CNN, CNBC and other national networks"
About Puzzle Box World


Mary and Mike Welcome you to our Family Website

Here is how it all began!

When I (Mike) was young, a friend of mine was given a Zougan Japanese Puzzle Box. We were all intrigued by it's beautiful color and design. We were all also stunned that he could open it during recess without direction as it took FOUR SUCCESSIVE MOVES!!

Through the years, I began to assemble my own puzzle box collection, starting with a 4 Sun 14 move Yosegi Japanese Puzzle Box. My young children were intrigued by my Japanese Puzzle Box Collection and were fascinated by the design and opening mechanism of the boxes. They wanted to bring them to school to show them off to their friends, sometimes sneaking out my most expensive boxes.

We then began to discover Puzzle Boxes originating from countries around the world such as the Czech Republic, Romania and Costa Rica.

We also began to realize that there were distinct advantages to starting our own family website and having a little fun. Starting our own family business would allow our children to experience the business world with passion of a product they love. It will give them exposure to the importance of such ideas as customer satisfaction, inventory control, budget constraints and such.

I hope they thank us in the future!!

Please take some time to look around our information and product pages where we will continue to strive to find the most unique and beautiful Puzzle Boxes From Around The World!!

Posted: 2019-01-13 11:39:47
The Egg Japanese Puzzle Box by Akio Kamei
" Arguably one of the most popular creations by designer Akio Kamei, is the Egg puzzle.  Handmade in Hakone, Japan and crafted in Cherry Wood, this early trick box incorporates a logical movement with a classic design. The Egg Puzzle Box by Akio Kamei Heavily constructed, the Egg Puzzle has a smooth urethane finish and comfortably fits in the palm of your hand.&n..." Read more
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