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Puzzle Rings

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The History of these maddeningly clever rings is shrouded in mystery. It is believed that puzzle rings were first invented by the Chinese before the birth of Christ as a form of reaching a state of Meditation. Certainly the concentration necessary to reassemble a puzzle ring creates a single minded focus. The relief upon solving the rings mystery is akin to enlightenment.

From the Far East, knowledge of the rings spread to the Middle East where the sultans of Persia used rings as wedding bands for the wives of their harems. The ring would be given to a woman without the knowledge of its secret, thus insuring fidelity.

With the Crusades, knowledge of puzzle rings spread to Western Europe. During the Renaissance, they were sometimes worn on the finger with several hoops dropped of the ring in order to remind the bearer of something they had to do, earning the nickname Memory Rings.

Sterling Silver Puzzle Rings
Sterling Silver Puzzle Rings
Sterling Silver & 14K Gold Puzzle Rings
Sterling Silver & 14K Gold
Puzzle Rings

14K Gold Puzzle Rings
14K Gold Puzzle Rings

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Posted: 2017-04-09 06:48:38
The Twin Box 4 Puzzle by Hideaki Kawashima is amazing!
"I recently purchased the Twin 4 Puzzle Box crafted by Hideaki Kawashima and I was pleasantly surprised. Crafted as a 2016 Karakuri Christmas present, this particular trick box like other gifts was a limited release. Constructed of Magnolia, Keyaki and Walnut, the contrasting color combination is very attractive, not unlike many of Kawashima puzzles. Hideaki takes grea..." Read more
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