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"Watch Joel Bauer open a 5 Sun 10 Step Japanese Puzzle Box" "Joel has appeared on CNN, CNBC and other national networks"

Make Your Own Puzzle Box

Never does a week go by that we do not get inquiries from individuals trying to find information on how to create their own Puzzle Box. For those wishing to have a bit of fun assembling their own Puzzle Box or personalizing their own creation, we have the perfect solution. Below are a small collection of simple Puzzles and Puzzle Boxes that you can create yourself! All pieces have been pre-measured and cut for easy assembly.

For those interested in crafting unique Puzzles or Puzzle Boxes from scratch, we have provided a list of Suggested Books.

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8 Item(s) Show per page
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Posted: 2014-07-13 18:52:58
The Refrigerator Puzzle by Tatsuo Miyamoto is a beautiful collectible!
"The MY-23 Refrigerator Puzzle Box was crafted by Tatsuo Miyamoto in April 2014 for an exhibition titled “Nostalgic.” Made of Oak and Magnolia, I was immediately taken to its shape as I am attracted to puzzles that take the form of familiar items. Tinkering a little with the doors, I found that they were securely locked in place. Noticing the delicate hinges and d..." Read more
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