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"Watch Joel Bauer open a 5 Sun 10 Step Japanese Puzzle Box" "Joel has appeared on CNN, CNBC and other national networks"

Japanese Puzzle Boxes

The first Japanese Secret Puzzle Boxes were designed over 100 years ago in the late Edo period by Jinbei Ishikawa (1790-1850). Ishikawa was living at Hatajuku in the Kakone-cho in the Hakone-Odawara region of Japan. The Hakone Mountains are noted for their richness and great variety of trees. This abundance of high quality wood in the region and the expertise of three generations of master craftsmen have achieved and art form that is revered for it's detail and ingenuity.

Small Japanese Puzzle Boxes
Small Japanese Puzzle Boxes
(Mame to 3 Sun)
Medium Secret Puzzle Boxes
Medium Japanese Puzzle Boxes
(4 Sun and 5 Sun)

Large Secret Puzzle Boxes
Large Japanese Puzzle Boxes
(6 Sun and 7 Sun)

Limited Secret Puzzle Boxes
Limited Edition Puzzle Boxes

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Making of Japanese Puzzle Boxes

Common Puzzle Box Terms

About the Artist Mr. Okiyama

About the Artist Mr. Oka

About the Artist Mr. Yamanaka

About the Artist Yoshikazu Goto

Posted: 2014-04-18 12:07:55
The Pirates Box crafted by Tatsuo Miyamoto!
"The Pirates Box is an attractive little puzzle crafted in November 2013 by Tatsuo Miyamoto.  Mr. Miyamoto is one of our favorite crafters, popular for his Chance Meeting Box, Kuru Kuru Heart and Walk of Ladybug puzzles just to name a few. The Pirates Box is a wonderful puzzle that looks very similar to a treasure chest.  Crafted in Ash and Katsura wood, the lid..." Read more
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